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Dr. Suzanne Chomycz, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Dr. Suzanne Chomycz was born and raised in Thunder Bay. Dr. Chomycz obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Lakehead University in May 2017. During her doctoral studies, she completed her dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Mushquash, entitled “Personality, Motives, and Polydrug Use in Undergraduates”. She obtained autonomous practice as a psychologist in June 2018 and currently provides psychotherapy and assessment services with adult populations at Sullivan + Associates Clinical Psychology in Thunder Bay.

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Alex Drawson
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Dr. Alexandra Drawson recently completed both her PhD in Clinical Psychology (Lakehead University) and doctoral internship (Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium). Her dissertation examined indicators of child mental wellbeing in First Nations communities using a community-based participatory research approach. Dr. Drawson’s other research interests include protective behavioural strategy use in the treatment of addictive disorders, transdiagnostic approaches to assessment and treatment of mental disorders, and rural and northern community wellbeing.

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